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Indiana's Pathways for Aging: A New Way to Support Hoosiers 60+

Are you a Hoosier over 60 who receives Medicaid? If so, you're about to see some changes in your healthcare! Indiana's Pathways for Aging program, launching July 1st, 2024, aims to transform how older adults receive care and support. Let's break down what this means for you:

What is it?

Pathways is a managed care program for Medicaid recipients aged 60 and older. This means health plans will work closely with you and your doctors to coordinate your care, ensuring you get the services you need to stay healthy and independent.

What are the benefits?

  • More personalized care: Your plan will create a care plan tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

  • Wider range of services: You'll have access to a broader range of services, including home-based care, transportation, and social activities.

  • Focus on staying independent: The program aims to help you live at home for as long as possible, rather than moving to a nursing home.

  • Simplified access: You'll have a single point of contact for all your healthcare needs, making things easier to navigate.

Who is eligible?

If you're a Hoosier aged 60 or older who receives Medicaid based on age, blindness, or disability, you're likely eligible for Pathways (excluding Healthy Indiana Plan recipients).

What's next?

  • Enrollment: Between February and March 2024, you'll choose a health plan that best fits your needs. You can call the Pathways hotline (877-284-9294) or visit the Pathways website for more information.

  • Program launch: On July 1st, 2024, your new health plan will start managing your care.


Indiana's Pathways for Aging has the potential to significantly improve the lives of older Hoosiers. By taking an active role in your healthcare and understanding the program, you can ensure you receive the support you need to live a healthy and independent life.

DISCLAIMER: Always consult with your healthcare provider about making changes to your medical plans. This post is to be informational in purpose and some of this information can change over time.


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