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Q:  What is an home modification assessment?

A:  When most people want to have their home worked on (a new kitchen, a new bathroom, etc.), they usually call a construction contractor. If you were to have two construction contractors come out, you will probably get two very different ideas of what needs to be done at two different costs. Wouldn't it be nice if both contractors quoted the same job? Well, that's what our evaluation service does. We set the scope of work in our SPEC that two qualified contractors are able to bid against giving you an apples-to-apples comparison.

Q:  Will Koremen LLC do the work?

A:  No, we will not. We are not a contractor who does the work, but only determine what work needs to be done and then the inspection to make sure the work was right.

Q:  Do we still work with our Care Manager (Aging & Disabled Waiver) or Counselor (Vocational Rehabilitation)?

A:  Care Manager–Yes, you do. Koremen LLC reports our work directly to the Care Manager. They will be the ones contacting the contractors, coordinating the job with you. Only if there is a problem will Koremen LLC intervene. 

A:  Counselor–Yes, you do. Koremen LLC will work closely with you and your counselor throughout the entire home modification process. 

Q:  How much money can the contractors spend on my case?

A:  With the Medicaid Waiver, there is a lifetime cap of $20,000 for modifications. This does NOT count annual maintenance of the job. That money is additional. 

A:  With Vocational Rehabilitation, there is a 

Q:  Is Koremen's service part of the $20,000 Medicaid cap?

A:  No it is not. The assessment (SPEC) and inspection (EXAM) do not count toward the clients' lifetime cap.

Q:  What is the annual maintenance and how much is it?

A:  Medicaid allows for Annual Maintenance, where a contractor comes out every year to take care of the modifications for which Medicaid paid. $500 a year is allowed. For example, if your ramp has a board that has broken, your Care Manager can send out a handyman to fix that board.

Q:  Can we modify more than one room at a time?

A:  Yes, you can modify anything allowable at the same time, or later on, depending on your needs. So, if you need a ramp, a bathroom, and a door widened, you can have all of those things done at the same time. Remember, though, that there is still the $20,000 lifetime cap on spending. With the recent costs in construction and materials, multiple jobs under Medicaid have become much harder. 

A:  Through Vocational Rehabilitation, many different areas of the home can be modified at the same time during one job. 

Q:  What is the inspection service?

A:  When the contractor has completed the job, Koremen LLC comes back out to the site to make sure the job was done right. This is the inspection (EXAM).

Q:  When is an Assessment Needed?

A:  An Assessment (SPEC) is required if the expected amount of home modification is greater than $5,000.

Q:  Will Koremen LLC work with the Contractor?

A:  Yes, Koremen will work with a Contractor on adjustments, suggestions, and mediation if necessary. 

Q:  Can I get an evaluation if I'm not working with Vocational Rehabilitation, an Area Agency or qualify for the Medicaid Waiver?

A:  Yes, we offer a standalone service for anyone that would like to have an evaluation on their home. Download our brochure for the Koremen Home Safety and Access Evaluation

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