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What Exactly Is Aging In Place?

We at Koremen often talk about Aging In Place as if everyone knows what that means. We hear it quite often in the areas where we work and volunteer and it's easy to forget that not everyone is familiar with this term.

Simply put, Aging In Place is when someone makes the decision to live in their home for as long as they can. This is instead of moving in with a family member, or to an assisted living facility or nursing home. Most elderly people agree that continuing to age in their current homes is the right idea for them, but often times, they don't know exactly what that means. They also tend to ask that question when it is too late. There are many factors to consider. Does your current home have stairs? Will your bathroom need modified in order to accommodate your abilities down the road? Do you have free and easy access in and out of your home? Will that access need a ramp eventually? It's good to think ahead on this, be honest with yourselves and your children or caregivers. Make a plan that everyone who should know and be comfortable with. Not everything goes to plan, but knowing you thought ahead and prepared will surely make things easier for everyone.

If you do a simple search on Google or YouTube, you can find a wealth of articles and videos on this subject. Everything from resources to exercise tips! Below are a few great articles that can help get you started:

Aging In Place: Growing Older at Home

Aging In Place . Org

A Guide to Aging In Place

20 Tips for Aging In Place

Area Agencies On Aging

If you are on Medicaid and would like to get assistance with a home modification such as a bathroom or ramp, contact your local area agency on aging. There is a waiver that can help get you funds for that specific reason. Home modifications are an essential part of being able to stay in your home for as long as possible.

Follow the site below and submit your location for a list or resources.


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