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Accessible Ramp to Front Porch Entrance

Here is a great example of using what is currently attached to a home. There was already a large landing for the client, we recommended a ramp com in from the side door from the driveway to make things as easy as possible. The final product turned out great!

Bathroom Before and After

One of the most common projects we encounter at Koremen LLC is to address a person's bathroom needs. Often times, the bathroom can be the single most frustrating aspect for a person with a disability. Making sure the bathroom can accommodate with functional accessibility is one of our greatest concerns. Here is a great before and after picture from a recent client.

Accessible Ramp For Door

This job required a re-working of the existing ramp from the garage to the home. The existing ramp incline was too great and needed to be leveled out. The solution was to have the ramp begin in the opposite direction and wrap around. This also gave more room at the front of the garage to maneuver vehicles in and out. 

Accessible Ramp For Front Door

For many of our clients, getting in and out of the home is an essential part of maintaining a more independent living situation. Here is a great example of a job we assessed and the completed work during our final inspection.

Bathroom Remodel - Mid Demo
Bathroom Remodel

At Koremen, we are always thrilled to help people gain independence at home. With the help of this bathroom remodel, the homeowner can now have back, independent access to the bathroom.

Ramp with New Landing

For this particular entrance, there was no landing and no concrete from the driveway to the stairs.  To make things easier for the homeowner, we developed a plan to take the ramp to a new landing pad that connected to the existing driveway.  The owner now has a much safer route to and from the front door.

Our client had a project underway before having us come in and give recommendations for the scope of the bathroom. After reviewing the needs of the client, our spec was carried out to completion by the contractor. In the end, the client came away with a very nice bathroom that will fit their needs for more independence.

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