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Koremen LLC's Official Statement on Corona Virus Covid-19

Community transmission of COVID-19 in the United States has been reported in various parts of the country including here in Indiana. With home visitation as a significant part of Koremen’s business, it is important that we take the necessary and recommended precautions to protect ourselves and others while we are out in the community.

Steps we are taking:

  • For home visits, hand washing is often not an option for Koremen LLC staff, we will have hand sanitizer (60-95% alcohol) to use prior, during, and after the visit. Masks will be worn upon entering a home.

  • If a staff member is sick (sneezing, coughing, fever) they will stay home. That staff member will not go on home visits and will not go to their place of work to potentially transmit illness to others.

  • While Koremen LLC is confirming client visits, we will check with the client for any cough, fever, sneezing or other respiratory symptoms in their household. If the above symptoms are present, staff will discuss with management prior to visit.

  • The day of the client visit, Koremen LLC will call the client prior to arriving to confirm they are still healthy and show no signs of illness.

  • If a client mentions that they have been at risk of COVID-19, Koremen LLC will contact their Care Manager and recommend they notify the local county health agency.

Information regarding COVID-19 is rapidly evolving and any changes made to home visitation guidelines will be communicated. If there are further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Koremen LLC at

Please take this time to check on those that may need extra assistance during this difficult situation. The elderly and those with underlying health concerns are most at-risk and neighbors may be afraid to venture out. Checking on them to see if they need any necessities will be key to getting through this tough time.

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