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Five Tips For Aging Healthy

Most of these are no secret recipe to a better feeling you. It's a lot of common sense and actually trying to do one or two of them with sincere effort that will lead to a healthier you. If you feel uncomfortable with any of these tips, discuss them with your doctor ahead of time and come up with a plan. Start slow and gradually do more, don't over do it and get discouraged.

Eat and Drink Healthier

This is a sledgehammer to the head, we know. This concept gets the better of most of us but is the easiest and quickest way to feeling better and having more energy. The body gives back what is taken in. If you choose better eating habits and eat more fruits and vegetables, you will feel an improvement. A simple thing to do is drink plenty of water!

Get Moving and Exercise

Second to eating more healthy, is get your body moving! Whether it's simple exercises while sitting or heading outside for an evening stroll, there are exercises and repetitive motions that can help you get moving. Go onto YouTube and search "exercises for aging in place" and you will get a bunch of choices to choose from. If you want to try something new, Yoga is a fantastic way to exercise in the comfort of your own home. And when you feel ready, sign up for a local class!

Mental Health IS Important

Your physical health has a prominent role in staying healthy but don't forget about your mental health. Often times, our mental health will play a role in our overall physical health as well. Think about it, when you are down or depressed, we tend to move less, slouch, eat worse, etc. Make sure to get lots of rest, nap when needed, and do activities with friends and family to keep spirits high.

Visit Your Doctor and Follow Up

As you are getting older, letting things go can bite you big time. Go get regular checkups and make sure to get answers on anything that may be troubling you. Don't let ailments go unchecked for long periods of time.

Evaluate Your Home for Fall Risks

As you are getting older, many choose to stay in their homes for as long as possible. We can't fault anyone for wanting to do that, we are all more comfortable in our homes. As you get older, evaluate the home for improvements that could be made to sustain a safer home environment. Is it difficult getting to the front door because of the steps? A ramp could be the solution. Is it difficult getting in and out of the tub to shower? Would a walk-in shower be a better choice going forward?

Many are not aware, but if you are currently on Medicaid, there is a specific waiver that allows you to modify the home for improving because of fall risks. It is called the Aging and Disabled Waiver. You can contact your local Indiana Area Agency for more information. The waiver allows you up to 20k dollars for improvements in your lifetime. This money does not need to be paid back!


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