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To Our Wonderful Partners

To our Wonderful Partners:

In a continued commitment to the health and safety of our clients, our staff, and our

families during this Coronavirus Pandemic, Koremen Disability LLC is enacting the

following guidance effective:

Monday, March 23, 2020 until Friday, April 10, 2020

Specifications – All specifications will be halted unless it is an emergency situation.

Inspections – Inspections will continue but under the following procedures.

1) A single Koremen Staff member will perform all EXAMs.

2) The client will be called upon for job completion notification and a phone

health screening will occur.

3) The Care Manager (CM) will be notified and an EXAM time will be agreed

upon. The following methods of CM EXAM engagement are available:

a. In Person

b. Telephone

c. Face Time

d. Recorded Video of the Inspection

4) The day of the EXAM, the client will receive a second health screening. If

the client is ill, the EXAM will be cancelled. If the client is healthy, the EXAM

will continue as scheduled.

5) While on site, staff will follow internal health and safety policy requirements

to reduce cross-contamination including but not limited to:

a. Disinfecting our hands before and after in-home visits.

b. Wearing masks during the entirety of the in-home visit.

All communication from contractors, care managers, clients, and other stakeholders

should be directed to or 317-218-3997. These

internal guidelines will be re-evaluated as the pandemic unfolds.

Thank you,

Jeffrey Hughes | Executive Director

Koremen Disability LLC

*For a downloadable PDF version of this letter, please click HERE.

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