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Fall Risk Prevention – Home Assessment Checklist

Here at Koremen we are committed to helping prevent the risk of falling at home for those that choose to age in place. Below is a quick checklist to assess safety in your own home to reduce your risk of falls! Checklist can be done by the home-owner, family member, friend, or caregiver. To make it easier assess in the home, download and print this handy PDF!


  • Is there overgrown landscape in the walkways?

  • Is there lighting over or near the entryway doors?

  • Are there handrails at all entry steps?

  • Are the handrails secure?

  • Are there large cracks in the walkways?

  • Are there broken or cracked steps?

  • Are garage walkways wide enough to safely walk?



  • Are items that you use frequently easy to reach?

  • Do all areas have adequate lighting?

  • Are there throw rugs?

  • Is medication stored in an accessible location?

  • Are step stools stored out of the walkway when not in use?

  • Is the refrigerator hard to open or unstable?

  • If you have pets, are food/water bowls clear of walkways?



  • Is the bathtub difficult to step over?

  • Are frequently used items in the bathroom easy to access?

  • Do bath rugs have non-slip backing?

  • Is there a night light near the toilet?

  • Are there slip resistant grab bars in the shower?

  • Is the toilet too low?

  • Are there support devices on or near the toilet?



  • Is there a light switch you can reach in bed?

  • Are items easy to reach in the closet?

  • Is all flooring safely secured?

  • Do you have access to a telephone while in bed?

  • Is your bed too high or too low?

  • Is there an easily accessible pathway around your room?

  • Are there night lights illuminating a safe pathway?

If you would like to learn more or get involved with the Indiana Fall Prevention Coalition, please visit our website at Koremen LLC is a proud member of the coalition!

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