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How To Talk Like A Pirate?

Coming up on Wednesday, September 19th, is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Since 1995, International Talk Like A Pirate Day has grown leaps and bounds. From person to person, school to school, and office to office, you have most likely heard of this once obscure holiday.

To help in the festivities, we have created this fun video to showcase our very own resident pirate to help show ye the ropes. The most important part of the day is to make sure ye havin some fun! Go to work with an eye patch on and give everyone a great big YO-HO-HO.

Some of the phrases our pirate friend will go over:

  • Yes sir, I did get that memo.

  • Who wants to grab some lunch?

  • I want everyone to pay close attention to the webinar.

  • Hello Karen

  • LOL (Laughing out loud)

Please, take a few minutes and watch our video and then immediately go to a friend and talk like a pirate!

*Our pirate is not a real pirate. You do not have to fear him as he is just our marketing person having too much fun.

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