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What is a SPEC?

So...What is a SPEC?

We aren’t talking about the tiny speck Horton the elephant could hear on his flower. We are referring to the SPEC when it relates to someone that is inquiring about utilizing the Medicaid Waiver for an Environmental Modification to their existing home.

When a person comes into your office (i.e. Area Agency on Aging) and is having trouble accessing the home or utilizing the bathroom, one of the many things you can offer them as a way of making their home more accessible is an environmental modification. The Waiver allows them to modify the existing home without adding new rooms or changing the square footage. These modifications have a lifetime cap of $15,000 and can be used for multiple projects. It’s a little more complicated than that, but you get the gist of what’s going on here. If you would like to download the Medicaid guidelines for Environmental Modifications, CLICK HERE.

After it’s determined that the person is needing an environmental modification, where do you normally start? The case manager will need to get three contractors to bid on the job. That feat alone can be tough, as you will need to explain the situation to all three, have them go out and assess the space for themselves, then submit a quote to you. Often times, the biggest problem for case managers, are that the bids come in quoting different projects using different methods and materials for the job. Which makes deciding which quote is best suited for the client a tough call as most case managers have had little training on environmental modifications.

This is where we explain what we do.

Koremen provides the Environmental Modification Assessment or SPEC service to case managers across Indiana. We are brought in to assess the home and develop one plan for moving forward. We know exactly what is and what is not allowed under the guidance of the Medicaid Waiver. We take that knowledge and write up recommendations for the client whether it is a modified bathroom, widening doors, an outdoor ramp for home entry, etc. The developed packet of information (SPEC), which will include detailed drawings and product recommendations, can then be used by all of the contractors in their formulation of a quote. And since all the contractors will be working toward the same goal on the SPEC, their bids are much easier to decipher, making the case managers job clear-cut.

And after the chosen contractor has finished the job, we go out and do the Final Inspection (EXAM) in order to make sure the environmental modification was done correctly. This brings more confidence and peace of mind to both the case manager and client.

If you or your office staff would like to learn more about Koremen’s services, we are happy to answer questions and even drop in for an educational session.

We truly enjoy making homes more accessible so that the clients can stay in their homes as long as possible.

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