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At Koremen LLC, our process and subsequent follow through are what set us apart. Here is our process and what you can expect when working with us on an Home Modification Assessment.

1. The need for an Home Modification is established.

2. The Care Manager sends the Referral Form to Koremen LLC.

3. Koremen LLC sends the Care Manager a Quote for Service (SPEC $374.38).

4. The Care Manager completes the RFA for SPEC service.

5. Koremen LLC receives the CCB, NOA, and other forms.

6. Koremen LLC schedules and conducts the home visit with client.

7. Koremen LLC provides the SPEC to the Care Manager, including:

• Invitation to Bid

• Specifications

• Drawings

• Photos

• Product Recommendations

8. Upon acceptance of the SPEC, the Care Manager will approve the service, allowing Koremen LLC to bill for services by signing line 09 on the RFA. 

At this juncture, the Care Manager will solicit bids (2 bids minimum) utilizing the SPEC. Once the job is near completion, the Care Manager will notify Koremen LLC so that an inspection can be scheduled.

If necessary, an additional payment of $250 has been added for the assessor to make a third trip to a home modification to help mediate disputes.

9. The Care Manager will complete an RFA for Inspection Services (EXAM $200).

10. Koremen LLC receives the CCB, NOA, and other forms.

11. Koremen LLC will conduct the on-site inspection.

12. Koremen LLC will send the Final Inspection report to the Care Manager.

13. Upon acceptance of the Final Inspection, the Care Manager will approve the service, allowing Koremen LLC to bill for services.

14. If a problem is found during the inspection, Koremen LLC will provide a document of 'fixes' to the Care Manager.

15. Koremen will follow up with client at a later date to make sure the modification is still meeting their needs and is in good standing. If any information is found out, we will relay that back to the Care Manager.

Still have questions? Please send us an email Koremen LLC.

The above information is provided by Koremen Disability LLC. it is not approved of sanctioned by Medicaid, Department of Aging, the State of Indiana, or any Area Agency on Aging. Official criteria and processes are available from these groups at your request.

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